The Love Habits by Suzi McCluskey

I recently completed my 2nd book cover and I’m happy to say it’s now in print! Suzi McCluskey found me through this blog and it was so much fun working on her book, The Love Habits. Suzi wrote this book to help women become their most irresistible selves and the subject applies to singles or helps those who need a little extra spark in their marriage! She and her new hubby Joe were recently featured on Style Me Pretty– check out how hot they are!! Beautiful and talented- I have some of the COOLEST clients ever!!! Please go check out Suzi’s awesome book and check out my handiwork by ordering here! Congrats Suzi on your recent marriage and on the publishing of this fabulous book!

“The only way to find the best possible love is to be the most irresistible you … give a girl a solid love habit and she will follow it the rest of her life …”
Suzi McCluskey



2 Responses to “The Love Habits by Suzi McCluskey”

  1. Jessica Bartlett Says:

    Beautiful work! The cover looks amazing, and Suzi looks amazing as well.

  2. Audrey Says:

    Nice job! Looks like a good book…..I’m going now to learn more about it.

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